Mr. eTailor, a private brand label under Roy Johans Company Limited, is a passionate Hong Kong brand specializing in high-quality men’s shirts embedding with the DNA attribute of "uniqueness". The founders of Roy Johans always look for disruptive changes in the concept of people who do traditional tailor-made shirts. The partners believe that people are becoming tired of buying ready-made shirts or having unsatisfactory experiences in the physical tailor shops. By providing a creative platform online here, the customers of Mr. eTailor can joyfully experience the process of "Designing Your Own Shirts (DYOS)", and create a shirt that is of your own style, as a gentlemen, a smart professional, or as a dandy.


The Designers’ Choices gallery on the platform may also inspire you during the DYOS process. Roy Johans emphasizes on building long-term relationship with our customers and stresses on superior quality, guaranteed workmanship by our professional “Shanghai Shi Fu” with over 30 years tailoring experience in Hong Kong. To make the DYOS process more convenient, customers’ measurements are maintained in our database to facilitate their future ordering. In spite of the very high quality and well scrutinized selected fabrics, the shirts are priced very reasonably mainly attributable to the online business model that could avoid the heavy rental burden in Hong Kong. The partners of Roy Johans guarantee that all customers of Mr. eTailor will be pleasure with the DYOS experience and sales services, and believe the loyal customers are going to spread the “good news” of the brand “Mr. eTailor”.